Why Lucid Touchstone

Why Lucid Touchstone

The main reason why I started this company is because in my view businesses and managing directors have been ill advised. I’m able to combine all my experience, knowledge and expertise in business development and to do it such a way that it can fit every budget.

There’s simply too many people selling too many products and services all with their own vested interest. We wish to serve growing businesses and businesses who wish to grow and only when the fit is good for all parties.


I have in a way been very fortunate. As a child I lived in England, Guernsey and then Malta. Even allowing for the catastrophe in Malta where I ended up having my food provided by Save the Children, I have had a fortunate life.

The Maltese situation got me on the road to making money with zero resources. Back in the 1960’s there was no welfare state in Malta and apart from food provided by Save the Children, I had nothing apart from my wits.

Throughout my life, I have always been curious about why things happened the way they did and what would happen if we tried something different.

As a child this sometimes got me into a spot of trouble and I was not exactly every teacher’s favourite pupil.

As an employee I was fortunate to have had many different roles. From shop floor, to manufacturing, cost and management accounting, sales, business development, marketing, global account management and Ecommerce.

It was really my curiosity of trying things and tweaking things where I really came into my own.

My biggest success in my first sales role was not actually selling although I did that pretty well. My biggest success came from doing some quick analysis of the business I was in. Then connecting what resources were available in the business with what else we could offer our customers.

The end result was a huge increase in profits with almost zero cost. In fact if anything our costs as a percentage of our revenue came down and our utilisation of resources went up.

What I found strange though was that no one else spotted the opportunity.

I have since found many other ways that businesses can not only get a lot more out of existing resources by optimisation but can also innovate and tweak things to get huge increases in profits. This is likely to be so for every part of the business and is certainly true of the interconnected sales, business development and marketing functions.

Some time ago I had what seemed to be a knot in a muscle on my back. After researching and reading a lot of books I found out about something called trigger points.

These trigger points can do some strange things like creating pain or obstacles in other parts of the body. Once I found out how to deal with these trigger points, I found I was pain free.

This brings me back to why I started Lucid Touchstone and came up with the name Tensegrity Business Leverage System.

For me Lucid Touchstone is almost like seeing something with new eyes and has a certain magic to it.

Tensegrity came from Buckminster Fuller and are structures based on the combination of a few simple design patterns.

Businesses, especially those that have reached a plateau are often sitting on wonderful resources and by changing a few things a new and better outcome can be brought into being.

It’s far easier for someone sitting outside a business to analyse, observe and see the possibilities than it is for someone inside the business. I also happen to think that business owners and managing directors need someone whom they can confide in. And someone who can consult and deliver services and cover off each part of the client/customer acquisition and service/product delivery because they are so interconnected.

I’m pretty passionate about improving businesses and I seem to have a knack for seeing the woods and the trees.

When you couple that with my experience I felt it was something the world of business might be interested in.