Who is Lucid Touchstone

who is lucid touchstoneThe who question is I think as much about who our clients might be as it is about who we are so I will start with who our clients might be and what they look like.

Our ideal client is a business or organisation that is growing or wishes to grow but may be stuck on a plateau.

They are an organisation who is open minded and who understands that in some cases small almost imperceptible changes will work very well but in other situations much larger changes will need to happen.

Our client will understand that it’s all about the vision, outcome or goal and without a goal or result in mind we can’t work together.

An ideal client will recognise that it’s about starting out with a vision of what they want and will realise they will get there only by understanding where they are right now. This analysis is basically a process which takes a snapshot of the current situation in relation to the vision, goal, desire or outcome.

Our potential client will know it’s about bespoke solutions. They may recognise that technology, the internet, mobile phones, Facebook etc all have their place but understand they are only a means to an end.

Our best client will prefer to work with an organisation that is happy to work from one end of the customer spectrum all the way to the other end.

Our clients would like to set up a system for continuous innovation and they recognise that their existing staff have a lot to offer and are part of the solution.

Who we are
I will create a separate page to describe who we are.