What do you want

Until we speak I won’t know anything about you or your business. I’m very interested to hear about what you have built, where your opportunities might be, your challenges and how you have managed to get to where you are.

It really is best to have a quick chat so we can work out what you want to get as a goal or outcome. I will tell you what I can do or not do and take it from there. In the meantime here’s a few things I have helped people out with…

Here are a few things I have done which will hopefully give you at least some idea.

  • Built another business offering inside a service company which doubled profits inside one year
  • Trippled profits of a distribution company within two years by spotting something no one else had seen. (Amazing what a bit of analysis can do)!
  • Created a new reseller channel from scratch. Including contract’s, finding channel partners, signing them up and helped each one of them to sell something
  • Helped to build a mortgage broking business. You won’t believe the regulations and hoops needed to get this one going!
  • Built web sites and helped to get them optimised so I could sell stuff
  • Created Facebook Fan Pages and helped get them ranked
  • Created and implemented Facebook Apps. Designed to help with lead generation
  • Transacted business in Saudi Arabia, USA, Germany, France, Sweden, Switzerland and Belgium + of course the UK
  • Built Ecommerce Websites that gets visitors and sells
  • Worlds youngest Ex Pat entrepreneur (as a child whilst stuck in Malta with no money, no schooling and food supplied by Save the Children)..Yikes!
  • Helped to deliver a £12m revenue project, this involved around 110 people or touchpoints, a beligerent peice of software and complex negotiations
  • Built Google Places pages for local businesses that get ranked so local people will find you and buy from you
  • Built websites for local businesses that get highly ranked for local people searching for your type of product or service

I’m at my best with businesses that have been going for a while and at my worst when trying to start from scratch. In fact I would go as far to say that I do best with people who are naturally extrovert and recognise when to seek out someone who is like me, analytical and introverted. I promise you that my analysis normally picks up on nuances that have been missed and can spot new opportunities for cash windfalls

Use me as someone who loves business, is able to see the woods and the trees. Is a little introverted and likes to analyse things and uses innovative thinking to get the best results.

Call 01793 346 823 and we will have a stimulating conversation