Vision Goals and Results

Vision Goals ResultsVision – Goal – Result

You can tinker around the edges, you can implement all sorts of strategies and tactics, you can try one thing here and another there but very little of it will stick unless you are clear on your Vision – Goal and Result.

Your people, suppliers, clients and customers want to find out where you are heading because it gives them another reason to want to engage with you.

All of us yearn to follow leaders, businesses, politicians and people who know where they are heading. The cynic in me thinks that most politicians don’t lead at all, they follow and that could be one of the reasons people have become disengaged from politics of late. Sorry, I digress but I think it does make a point.

What is a Business Vision?

A vision can reflect your values and aspirations, they are typically of a longer forward time frame, and they are often inspirational and motivational.

A vision describes a desired world from a business context. In truth you may never achieve your vision but it is the one thing that keeps people on track and travelling towards the big picture.

A vision is not the same as a goal. A vision will tend to be more abstract; it will serve as your guideline and helps to address the question of why a business is doing what its doing

What is a Business Goal?

A business goal will have shorter measurable targeted objectives that help you move towards your vision.

Business goals could be based on any number of different criteria and parameters. For example;

  • Create and improve our lead generation system by implementing a direct mail farming strategy.
  • Convert more lookers into relationships and buyers by optimising our website.
  • Increase customer retention by improving customer service.
  • Create a backend system and offer existing customers other products and services.
  • Build a community based system that offers philanthropic support to local charities.
  • Increase profits by 20% within three months.

These are all goals; they differ from vision in as much as they are tangible, can be directly measured, tested and improved.

What is a Result?

I see a result as a measurable outcome of a goal. A result will give or provide feedback from which we can generate new actions.