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Rodelink Filmmaker Wireless Microphone

 April 6, 2016

By  Steve

I wanted a new external microphone for my latest toy, the Panasonic DMC FZ 1000 (which is great by the way)! I’ve been researching various wireless microphone systems over the past week or so.

You’de think buying a wireless mic was easy and in theory it is until you start reading about channels, frequencies, licensing and getting sued. I’m not going to write too much here about the various frequency allocations but please be aware you could be breaking the law if you buy a wireless mic which uses the wrong frequencies.

The RodeLink Filmmaker is legal without a license and uses 2.4GHz digital transmission with 128-bit encryption.

The system is very easy to set up, uses 4 AA batteries (2 for the transmitter and 2 for the receiver). Not only that but it includes the Rode’s broadcast Lavalier microphone [normally sold separately for £139].

I’m not a professional videographer but I do understand the importance of good quality sound.

Before buying the RodeLink, I took a look at AUDIO-TECHNICA ATW-1701P, Samson Airline Micro Lavalier and a couple of others. In the end I was won over by the ease of use, sound quality and saw a video on YouTube which compared these systems.

I’m blown away by the quality of this simple to use system and would happily recommend it to other videographers.

If you are into bigger productions, you might need to think about more expensive wireless microphone systems which are capable of supporting more mics (see update below). In theory the RodeLink could support more but you would need to ensure you get different channels and I don’t know how hard/easy that would be.

**Update, since using this wireless system, I’ve now found out that you are able to add other receivers and transmitters. There are 8 channels so up to 8 mic’s could be set up provided you have a receiver and transmitter for each. There’s a small switch inside the battery panel which allows for pairing of each system.

Also noticed there’s a 2 year extended warranty available via the Rode website, QR code and web link on the start up guide which is included.

Take a look Rode RodeLink Filmmaker Kit


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