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Heavy Duty Tyre Inflator

 April 7, 2016

By  Steve

Up to now, I’ve been using a foot pump to pump up my tyres but it can take quite a bit of effort. Decided to get a compressor to save time and energy but didn’t want anything too fancy or expensive. Found this item, read the existing reviews and decided to buy it.

Happy I did because it was about the cheapest I could find and it works very well.

The included manual explained how to set it. IE plug it into the car cigar lighter, take off tyre dust cap and screw the end of the compressor onto the tyre. It claims to pump up a flat tyre in 3 minutes and would expect that to be fairly accurate. You can run the compressor for up to 15 minutes of continuous operation.

There’s a carry handle which is a good idea as the compressor can get quite hot.

I shot a short video showing it in operation.

It looks a little industrial but I’m very happy with it.

Want a quick peek at some reviews; HEAVY-DUTY CAR TYRE AIR COMPRESSOR INFLATOR 12V 140PSI


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