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Handy Portable Car First Aid Kit

 April 7, 2016

By  Steve

A decent sized kit to keep in your car.

Gloves, first aid blanket, various dressings, plasters, scissors and compression bandages.

Must confess, I’ve never had to apply first aid whilst out in my car but I will keep this with me just in case.
There’s a small booklet included called “Instructions for Immediate life-saving measure in case of accidents”.
Useful to have I guess, although I do wonder as to whether I or anyone else is going to have the time or inclination to read it in an emergency.

Other reviewers have already mentioned items that could be added to make the kit more complete. As with all these things, if you add something, then something else will need to be taken out and it will likely increase the price.

The added breathalysers are a nice thought. I haven’t driven abroad before and it’s possible they are a legal requirement in some countries.

All in all I’m happy to keep this in my car, it’s reasonably small and has enough in it for practical first aid emergencies.

I did a short video which will hopefully give you a good idea of the size of the first aid kit.

Disclaimer: I was offered this product at a discounted price for my honest review

For Amazon reviews; DIN 13164 Vehicle First Aid Kit – Compliant to European Laws – Breathalyzer Option (DIN13164 Kit + Twin Pack Breathalyser)


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