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Excellent Budget Camera Tripod for People Starting Out

 March 22, 2016

By  Steve

This may not be the best camera  tripod in the world but it’s great value for money.

Completed a short video review which you can see above.

I like this budget tripod because it’s great value but is a little let down because of it’s plastic feel and it’s just not smooth for video panning.

It does have some nice features though;

  • Spirit levels
  • Carry handle
  • Light Weight
  • Hook to hold a weighted sand bag for extra rigidity
  • Carry bag

If you’re shooting stills with it of if you want to use for video without panning I think it will do a reasonable job.

Products built to a price are always a compromise but for those starting out and have a little to invest I think this tripod is worth a punt.

Hand holding a camera is a useful skill to have but this should help make most shots better.

Here  is the product on Amazon Ex-Pro TR-560AN Professional Photographic Camera Tripod (652mm – 1560mm / 61″) Light Weight, Full Geared system, Pan Head, 3 Section Lock Legs, Spirit Level, Fast Install, Quick Release, High Quality. (Suitable for Nikon Coolpix, Canon, Casio Exilim, Fuji Finepix, Kodak Easyshare, Panasonic Lumix, Olympus, Pentax Optio, Samsung Digimax, Sony Cyber-shot / Alpha & more)


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