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Budget Smartphone with Great Features and Functions

 April 5, 2016

By  Steve

I suspect the magic in this phone is because it’s got 2GB Ram and 16GB flash storage. It runs like a dream (as in fast and responsive).

There are other versions of this phone out there with smaller Rom and Ram so be careful before purchasing.

Bought as SIM only, I’m on EE which can deliver 4G and this phone has 4G capability which makes online work fast.

A 13 Mega Pixel rear camera, 5 Mega Pixel rear + IPX7 water resistance. IPX7 means; don’t submerge in more than three feet of water or for longer than 30 minutes. It gives a little warning when you open the back which reminds you to ensure it’s properly sealed. From my perspective, I think using it in the rain will be okay.

You can also put a Micro SD card in (up to 64GB).

It has a great screen and this gets a top rating from me in terms of value for money.

A budget smartphone which is very well appointed.

Here  it is on Amazon Motorola Moto G 3rd Generation SIM-Free Smartphone 2 GB RAM/16 GB ROM (Amazon Exclusive)


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