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A Beautiful Walk on a Warm Spring Day

 April 5, 2016

By  Steve

A beautiful walk on a sun enveloped spring day. Only four and a half miles. I used my Garmin GPS and copied the GPX which should be available to download below.

Eastleach Martin and Eastleach Turville are in the Cotswold’s. We found the book of walks in my old map drawer and it’s published by The Echo and is called Cotswold Walks.

This video is just under 8 minutes long and is a mixture of stills, video and some background music.

Just a lovely setting and a very pleasant way to spend a few hours.

The walk is easy to do for all the family and will take between 2.5 to 3 hours. In this case, we had three quarters of the family as one quarter wanted to spend time indoors playing on the XBox!

Eastleach Martin and Eastleach Turville Walk Garmin Route/Track You will need to right click and use Save As to a folder on your PC. Once there you should be able to plug in your Garmin GPS and copy the file to your device.


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