Nova Hreod Survival Week

 July 14, 2015

By  Steve

This weeks theme at Nova Hreod school is based on survival, I wrote to the school and offered them a presentation based on my early life on planet earth.

The upshot is that on thursday 16th July, yours truly is delivering a short presentation to four groups of young secondary school students.

Part of the rationale for doing this is the simple observation that we tend to think we need money to get anything done. I suspect we become blinded to the resources all around us and almost automatically believe we must get cash/money/credit or all is lost.

I’ve often wondered why we have this big focus on money which is in essence a man made invention.

It seems to me that the earth was formed first followed by various animals and then humans. The resources needed for life to thrive was there for all to utilise. Wood to build with, animals to eat, or use in some way, fruit, berries and other goodies to get your minerals and vitamins from.

Along comes this invention called money and before you know it, we have depressions, recessions, booms and busts. And yet the earths resources are still there to be utilised.

My assumption based on these observations is that our dearly beloved economic system has failed us and is failing us.

In theory money is supposed to be the lubricant which enables people’s to thrive and yet it doesn’t seem to work at all well.

As soon as we had a money system it forces us to use it. In effect, it’s destroyed the natural order of things. Instead of earth resources coming first followed by labour, we are forced to use this thing called capital. Capital must preceed labour or the whole thing won’t get started and effectively the economic system falls apart.

When I was a child, stuck in Malta with no money, I found a way to use the natural resources around me to improve my lot in life.

And that is what I’m going to be talking about at the school.

If you want to take a look at some slides, I’ve created a PowerPoint so you or anyone can download. Survival was fun in Malta!

Wish me luck



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