What Does an innovator Look Like?

 June 29, 2015

By  Steve

When I was an employee I used to wonder why the people I worked with seemed unable to see what to me was quite obvious. Back in my early twenty’s I had this quite naive idea that if things were obvious to yours truly they must be obvious to everyone else. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Learning, awareness and age have taught me that we are not only all different but we interpret the world through our own perception filters. On the one hand this makes for a more interesting world but on the other it can and does lead to confusion. Different people see and experience the same thing in completely different ways.

If you are anything like me, being an employee and an innovator can be problematic and can even get you fired.

Innovators Mind and Opportunity

Apparently CEO’s are crying out for innovators and innovation so how do you spot an innovator? They will have have a range of discovery skills

  1. Innovators Tend to Work Against Orthodox Framing and Thinking
  2. Are Optimistic and Always Looking for Solutions
  3. Associating
  4. Questioning
  5. Observing
  6. Experimenting
  7. Networking
  8. Innovators tend to see constraints as opportunities
  9. Openly share ideas and expect to be challenged
  10. Innovators tend to embrace change

You can find out more at these sources;

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My values are are as personal to me as your values are as personal to you.

Discovery - Curiosity - Understanding - Challenge all feature high on my list of values.

I love to play around with ideas, ask hard questions and enjoy working out innovations around business models, strategies, design and systems.

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