Hannington The Jolly Tar Easter Walk 2019

The Jolly Tar - Hannington

​A really lovely short, 3 mile walk at Hannington (Wiltshire). Starting and ending  at The Jolly Tar pub. You can download the Garmin .gpx file below. ​Garmin Hannington GPX File

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Swindon Tennis Club – Singles Championship September 2018

Swindon Tennis Club Trophy

​Swindon Tennis Club Singles Championship – September 2018 A lovely day for the Ladies and Men’s singles. Held at the courts managed by Swindon Community Tennis and home of Swindon Tennis Club. Thanks to all our competitors and for the support offered by Beryl and Andrew.

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Possible Alternative Treatments for Tennis Elbow

Tennis Elbow

A couple of people I know have mentioned they have Tennis elbow. I’ve had Tennis elbow a couple of times, the first time it was so bad I couldn’t even lift a cup of tea up without excruciating pain. The second time I had what can only be described as a low-level tweak or twinge […]

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Tennis – How to Return Serve

If serving is one of the most important aspects of Tennis, then returning serve well is probably close behind. In this video, we’re taken through the return of serve. Hope you learn and enjoy.

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Tennis – Get the Right Distance from the Ball

If you ever find yourself getting jammed up when trying to hit the ball, there’s every likelihood your body is positioned in the wrong place. This will become a bigger problem if the ball is hit deep to you just inside the baseline. I’ve seen beginners suffer this problem and even experienced players can get […]

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A Slightly Unusual Childhood Updated

Steve Prior having a sulk

A Slightly Unusual Childhood

I’m reflecting from a morning of short presentations to students at a school near me which I did at the end of term.

They had a theme for the week called survival week. I offered to help by sharing my early childhood which is I think a little unusual.

I happen to believe we are shaped, at least in part, by our life experiences and perceptions of those experiences. I wondered whether some readers who might stumble on my blog might be interested.

If you’re not interested that’s fine of course. If you are the curious type, then read as much as you want to.

There are a few scanned images so the quality is not that good but I hope you enjoy them.



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Batteries for Panasonic FZ1000 or FZ200 Camera’s

Batteries for Panasonic FZ1000

Anyone with either the FZ1000 or FZ200 Panasonic cameras will at some point want backup or replacement batteries and these fit the bill very nicely.

Watch the video review or read the text.

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Heavy Duty Tyre Inflator

car tyre inflater

Up to now, I’ve been using a foot pump to pump up my tyres but it can take quite a bit of effort. Decided to get a compressor to save time and energy but didn’t want anything too fancy or expensive. Found this item, read the existing reviews and decided to buy it. Happy I […]

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Handy Portable Car First Aid Kit

car first aid kit

A decent sized kit to keep in your car. Gloves, first aid blanket, various dressings, plasters, scissors and compression bandages. Must confess, I’ve never had to apply first aid whilst out in my car but I will keep this with me just in case.There’s a small booklet included called “Instructions for Immediate life-saving measure in case […]

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