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Cotton Gadget Bags

cotton gadget bags

Okay, I can’t get too excited about cotton bags because there’s only so much one can really say. Bought four of these to use for my various gadgets. They are great for keeping things reasonably neat and tidy, seem like good quality and would happily recommend them. Ethically Produced According to the label inside, they are […]

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Tyre Pressure Gauge

Tyre Pressure Gauge

Not sure if this qualifies as the very best tyre pressure gauge…ever! But it is very well made and seems accurate. Simple to use, the dial which provides information on your tyre pressure, stay’s in place until you reset it. If you have a couple of minutes, I’ve created a quick video. Here it is […]

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Rodelink Filmmaker Wireless Microphone

RodeLink Filmaker Wireless Microphone

I wanted a new external microphone for my latest toy, the Panasonic DMC FZ 1000 (which is great by the way)! I’ve been researching various wireless microphone systems over the past week or so. You’de think buying a wireless mic was easy and in theory it is until you start reading about channels, frequencies, licensing and […]

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Waterproof Canvas Camera Bag

waterproof canvas bag

This is a great waterproof gadget/camera bag. I would have given it 5 stars apart from one thing. The outer shell is canvas and does look very classy. Internally there is one large compartment with a small divider, I can easily get my Panasonic DMC FZ1000 into it with room to spare. There are pockets in […]

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Budget Smartphone with Great Features and Functions

Moto 3rd Gen Smartphone

I suspect the magic in this phone is because it’s got 2GB Ram and 16GB flash storage. It runs like a dream (as in fast and responsive). There are other versions of this phone out there with smaller Rom and Ram so be careful before purchasing. Bought as SIM only, I’m on EE which can deliver 4G […]

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Long Sturdy Monopod Which Delivers Value for Money

Camera MonoPod

Had this for quite a while now and thought a review might be helpful. This is a fairly low cost item but delivers good value for money. A monopod is a useful accompaniment for any photographers or videographers. You can use it in an emergency when you need a little more support than is feasible […]

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Boya Omnidirectional Lavalier 1/4″ adapter 3.5mm Condenser Microphone

boya lapel microphone

I’m always on the lookout for products which deliver quality and value for money. Not an easy task especially given the sheer number and quantity of products. I was looking for a low cost microphone which would plug into my camera and this little lapel microphone fits the bill perfectly. Outstanding value for money from this […]

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A Beautiful Walk on a Warm Spring Day

Eastleach Martin and Eastleach Turville

A beautiful walk on a sun enveloped spring day. Only four and a half miles. I used my Garmin GPS and copied the GPX which should be available to download below. Eastleach Martin and Eastleach Turville are in the Cotswold’s. We found the book of walks in my old map drawer and it’s published by The […]

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Excellent Budget Camera Tripod for People Starting Out

Low Cost Camera Tripod

This may not be the best camera  tripod in the world but it’s great value for money. Completed a short video review which you can see above. I like this budget tripod because it’s great value but is a little let down because of it’s plastic feel and it’s just not smooth for video panning. It does have some […]

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Nova Hreod Survival Week

This weeks theme at Nova Hreod school is based on survival, I wrote to the school and offered them a presentation based on my early life on planet earth. The upshot is that on thursday 16th July, yours truly is delivering a short presentation to four groups of young secondary school students. Part of the rationale for […]

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