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Pumping up a BSA R10 SE Super Carbine

 November 23, 2020

By  Steve

I’ve decided to create a series of short articles and videos about ownership of an air rifle from a beginner’s perspective.
I wanted a rifle which could work in most situations. A general all-round PCP air rifle with multi-shot and single shot capability, it had to be easy to carry and handle and within a tight budget. Buying an air rifle is only the first of many purchases when starting out.

There would need to be a couple of major purchases like a decent scope and a way to fill up the pressure reservoir. Pellets, targets, a garden backstop and so on.

I decided in the end to invest in a BSA R10 SE Super Carbine. The consensus seems to be that they are accurate, but some people had been let down by a flaw in the regulator. A regulator is needed to help ensure the right amount of pressure is delivered when firing the rifle.

I thought this series of articles could show you what I’ve found with owning the BSA rifle. The good, the bad and the ugly.
I’ve been advised by someone who understands the law that the onus is on the owner of the air rifle to ensure it shoots below 12 ft lbs. So, I bought a chronograph to measure the speed of the pellet when leaving the rifle. Once one knows the weight of the pellet, there are calculators available to convert feet per second and weight in grains into the number of foot pounds.

This video is about filling up an air rifle using a pump and not from a diver’s bottle.

I had been warned that using a pump was hard work!  Rather than write about it, here is a short video (just over 4 minutes) which a demonstration.


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