My Quest and a natural curiosity

I observe and attempt to analyse the true nature of existing systems, the systems which drive our behaviour. Be they economic, political, business, education, health or social.

All systems are like the gears in an engine, they mesh together and drive us to be and do, so that we may survive and thrive.

These systems can and do create problems because they are often based around faulty thinking and therefore a faulty ideology. We assume it must be right because it’s human nature to trust the top most layer of information but dig a little underneath and we see something closer to the truth.

Solving the problems of one part of the system is doomed to failure because it will always create problems in other parts of the system.

I believe the only real solution is in creating a new vision or goal and dismantling the old system.

From as far back as I can remember, I have always been interested and curious about the way things work and seem to have a natural affinity with innovation and to improve what currently exists.

From a career standpoint

I have had multiple careers with each new move allowing me to explore new ideas and businesses. Each time I moved on I felt as though I was getting nearer to the final quest.

  • Electro-Mechanical engineering with what is now called BT
  • Planning and Production Control
  • Cost and Management Accountancy
  • Sales – Cold calling, selling services in London (City and Mayfair)
  • Direct sales (Systems Furniture)
  • Direct Sales (IT products and Services)
  • Indirect Sales (Setting up and managing a reseller channel)
  • Distribution Sales (Managing and developing IT resellers)
  • Global Account Management (Europe and USA)
  • Supporting the development of one of the first on-line e-commerce solutions way back in the 1990s
  • Creating and building a combined offline and online sales system

What I have left out of the very quick potted history is that each and every position has allowed me to explore and improve on what currently exists or in other words – Innovate.

Innovation is so critical to transforming systems I sometimes wonder why people seem to ignore it or are unaware how it can be utilised in so many different ways.

Understanding – Discovery – Innovation

Where did the name, Lucid Touchstone, come from?

The name Lucid Touchstone was decided on because it crystallises the aim and focus of my thinking.

Lucid – easily understood; completely intelligible or comprehensible: a lucid explanation, characterised by clear perception or understanding; rational or sane: a lucid moment in his madness, shining or bright.

Touchstone (as a metaphor) – touchstone means any physical or intellectual measure by which the validity of a concept can be tested.