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A short 60 second message which will tell you what my philosophy is.

Do You Wonder if there might be a Better Way?

Some people are intimidated by innovation and exploring new ideas... I happen to love asking  questions  and challenging the status quo. If you are curious, on the lookout for new ideas and naturally  inquisitive then I think you'll enjoy what's inside here.

What I Talk about and the Questions I ask

  • Thinking Outside the Box
    I know it's a bit of a cliché but thinking outside the box can be fun, who knows what we may find? 
  • Discover and Explore Ideas
    Some ideas might be new, some may be old but worth another look.
  • Play with Ambiguity 
    Assume nothing and have a play with meanings and intentions.
  • Observe and Learn
    An attempt at seeing reality by cutting through the rubbish.

Something Personal

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Seeing the Big Picture

"Being able to take a big step back, observing the big picture and seeing the woods."

Asking Better Questions

"My focus is to ask the kind of questions that  may not get asked"

Aware of Small Details

"Sometimes I just need to look at the details and really see the trees"

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