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"Better Questions Lead to Better Outcomes"

Achieving personal, business or other goals is within everyone's grasp. All it takes is a vision and an acknowledgement of your current situation. Through a process of curiosity, discovery and understanding you can get what you want.

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Tensegrity Business Leverage System
Steve Prior
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About the Author

I suspect I've always had a natural curiosity about the world around us. When you couple this philosophy with a never ending desire to improve, you either learn something or move forward. The real trick is to make small changes and test things out to see what happens.

We often get stuck by thinking we should fix the problem. Fixing the problem very rarely achieves the vision and has an annoying habit of creating more problems somewhere else. 

“This site is dedicated to people who are looking for an alternative way to see the world. All actions, plans and strategies are preceded by a thought. By challenging our thinking we can start to change the world”

Steve Prior
Shane Melaugh